Radio Broadcast

Today’s date was the time that Sam Spade was broadcast on the radio. CBS radio put in motion the show as a Friday night special. After the crowd heard it they liked it and the answer was so good that the community chose to make it a recurring portion of the fall lineup beginning September 29 of that year.

From this day Sam Spade had found his house. The sponsors for the series were Wildroot Cream Oil’s manufacturers. Howard Duff was chosen to star in the title role that was first. Following his death from the series he was substituted by Stephen Dunne Spade. This star stayed until 1950 with the series.

As a radio offense series, sam Spade substituted the popular Maltese Falcon. Sam was a San Francisco detective made by none other William Spier. For all those into Old Time radio player app, you may recognize the title in the thriller radio show entitled”Suspense”. Spier acted as producer, manager and the editor of this series. He had been a radio veteran who’d entered the profession in 1929 through the early years of radio. Upon accepting the position to its Sam Spade series, Spier enjoyed the talents of Ann Lorraine and Bob Tallman for weaving the different tales of tragedy.

When choosing the celebrities to incorporate from the radio series, Spier was very impressed with all the difficult voice attributes exhibited by young Howard Duff. Throughout Duff’s senior years at Roosevelt high school he’d determined the sound of the audience applause was overwhelming and he had been decided to change out of art into an acting career. Until he made his mark he worked with a number of the theatres. Duff was used from the Armed Forces Radio services After America entered the war. He held his stance as a war correspondent for 4 years. Sam Spade’s character introduced him.

When Spier established the character of Sam Spade he did in such a fashion as to supply him with several readily identifiable traits. Followers of this series will observe that Spades way of transport was the streetcar. For a dime he can go just about everywhere in these days. He was famous because of his Travels of taxi cabs along with his drink was alcohol. Every week you’d be greeted with Sam opening his desk draw and clanging eyeglasses together as he started his dictation of this narrative line. He was not a guy with expensive taste in beverages for all those clamoring eyeglasses more then probably held a little Old Granddad or another deal basement booze. Every case would be dictated by him closely to his secretary Effie Perrine who listed every single word. The episodes read as a record dated anticipating delivery and signed.