There Is a Beach Blanket for Every Event

beach towel

The apparent differences in beach towels and bath towels can be seen in the grade of fabric, design and especially the dimensions as beach towels are often bigger than a normal bath towel. However, the biggest of these and much more versatile is a beach towel or duvet. Having a beach blanket, you’ll be amazed at the number of applications outside a beach towel. These make a perfect gift for any occasion and are invaluable at the beach or any outdoor activity. So for your indoor applications and outside trips, there is a blanket for each job.

Beach blankets measure at least 70 x 70 inches or bigger making it possible for your beach towel to double as a cover spread for queen sized beds or even as a mattress covering if desired. They’re also perfect as a cover spread in your deck or patio where you can play board games and cards during weekends with your loved ones and friends. It’s added functionality as an outside spread on the floor where you might use this as a ground-covering to sit with little kids or enjoy a picnic at the park.

The outdoor blanket might be the latest addition to your basic beach requirements. Formerly seen as car blankets, picnic blankets, Grandma’s Wooly, etc.. Now made with multi-functional attributes, there’s so much you can do with a beach blanket versus your smaller private beach towel. Some blankets have corner”pockets” which could be weighted with sand or little stones; others have grommets for use with beach stakes. The corner pockets are best for keeping your beach essentials like sunscreens, toys, water bottles and personal products. It may also be utilized as an overhead cover during the heat of day once the sun is at its peak. You may tie rope or twine over the four edges and brace it upon a tree or a pole for shelter from wind and sun.

Beach towel can be found made from a number of materials, suitable for numerous activities. Absorbent cotton, repellant nylon, parachute nylon as well as the milder weight marine-grade canvas beach towel are available. Ideal sizes are 70″ X 70″ and bigger depending upon your need (and how many may require a seat!) It’s a fantastic idea to get several for all the areas you”never believed you’d need one”! The back of the car or back of the SUV, boat cabin, camper, back pack, stroller and beach bag are all perfect, just to mention a few. These are machine washable, with the heavier blankets needing a washer. Think about a beach towel as a perfect anytime gift for everybody on your list and for each occasion in which you would like a bit more coverage!